Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The ride from Bullhead City, Az. to Las Vegas generally takes about 2hrs, although many make in far less. Along that well traveled, desert highway are the views of virtually no trees and long views into the lower Sierra Mtn range protruding between Arizona and Nevada. Traveling from the tri-state area of Laughlin, Nv. to Las Vegas takes about 90 mins. depending upon how fast you want to go. It is a trip that Isaac and is girlfriend would take about once a month to visit their close family members and to check on their million dollar estate at Lake Las Vegas. An area where many a celebrity has come and gone. Not all of the well to do stay well to do their entire lives. That flashy Vegas style sometimes creates bottoms that will fall out.The world and time will eventually get its due rewards and bust everybody, but in the mean time we'll make the dollars in ways the general public can only suspect. Isaac was a surgeon from a much earlier time working in a rare field of which solidified his high priced income. However Isaac was never the ideal surgeon, although perhaps his girlfriend pretended for the record, and Isaacs' employer picked up the tab on his failures. Significantly noted through career scrutiny and insurance rejections Isaac history was pretty bad. He worked regularly and often, often as an associate, and or associate professor, which frequently took the heat directly off of him. Isaac was a master of disguise when it it came to record keeping, and not disclosing everything. Many of his victims knew him for the true criminal he was. Not all surgeons are created equal, and Isaac was the gold standard when it came to successful fraud. He loved the American style of success breeds money.
The trip to Las Vegas was a common source of pleasure for both he and his girlfriend Teresa. Teresa, a nurse of much younger age than Isaac and one of his surviving victims to which she exalted him to the highest level, she thinks he saved her life in a dire brain surgery event of which the real facts never made to the record. A common fact in his history. How do they do it? They deny and don't write down the actual events. It would not make common sense for success to follow this line of behavior as word would travel, and it does, and it has. But in the field of medicine its not too difficult to ward off the truth. However, there is somebody who always knows. Jumping the state you just killed people in, and having close relatives in local law enforcement it became very easy to buy oneself out. Not all medicalmals are easy to bring forward. Although some of the evidence is clearly in the felonious section of treatment failures, surviving family members frequently take the immediate cash. Without legal deposition in a court of law, medical boards dismiss behaviors of horrible medicine. Like they won't even look at it. But somebody else does.
Lake Las Vegas sprawls out of Las Vegas to the western side of the Lake Mead. The water connection breaths human life into an otherwise bone dry useless piece of real estate. Isaac And Teresa loved escaping who they really were and coming to Las Vegas to spend time. It was nice to go out to the exclusive restaurants and be treated like the royalty they each felt they deserved; having worked so hard at the profession of always being there for people in pain was such a daunting task. It was so relaxing to sit by the pool, that was truly all ours and someday they could totally be free of all those ill at health people whom had spent years of poor self-care. Teresa was much younger than Isaac and knew he was rapidly approaching the end of his career. It was very important at this point to be garnishing as much money for retirement to be as comfortable as possible. She was well aware of the fact that a neurosurgeons' peak years was long ago for Isaacs' present age, but with the group he was now in, it simply didn't matter. Just about any issue was dealt with from internal sources whom had the deepest of pockets which could assist with any problems that could arise. Those days of independent responsibility were now finally gone. From those dark dingy, South African huts to now being waited upon by the poor white trash of Las Vegas was the life Isaac so dreamed of. He really loved America, even after being rejected for residency because of Howard Universitys' inferior academia status, he still so much enjoyed his life now. There were just so many back doors to success, and Isaac knew so many. And so many at Howard would go on to super careers, therefore saying an inferior status of education doesn't truly fly. As we all know, it is who you are that makes the person fly well in the world, outside academia. Escaping responsibility for out actions sometimes is simply unintentional, and sometimes it is planned. White collar crime has learned that without the document, in the world of paper there just maybe no crime. Isaac had learned that fact from a town and culture whose entire being was about record keeping. Washington, D.C.

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