Monday, August 29, 2011

They Walk Amongst us

Whether the president is your man or not the fact he presented the biggest issue in this country first on his agenda at the start of his administration sets the door open to the information and evidence of the health care economic failure. The numbers associated with this debacle are staggering. How did we get here. The story you are about to read is true, and there are more, spinoffs of this episode and the people, and even more of the same.
Thelma Davis, not her real name, 46 y.o., has spinal neurological symptoms needing surgery, or so claims the man who referred her to a surgeon. That man, a licensed physician in the state of Arizona, is well known to me and up until this incident was a man in good standing with my opinion. Thelma has the first surgery, alograft cervical fusion, which really isn't major surgery. This surgery entails removing subjects' own bone from a nearby source and attaching so the involved vertebrae to grow and make the vertebrae immovable. A bright idea of neurosurgeons whose end results have always been questionable. Whatever is done to one spinal vertebrae, affects every vertebrae as the columne sits atop one another and moves when the body moves. The theory is to prevent the vertebrae from upsetting the spinal cord which is in  close proximity. A disaster to which this very surgeon is very well aware. The success of this procedure is trumpeted as it stops additional migration of the vertebrae. What the doctors don't tell you is that there are other ways of treating this situation, but they don't get paid for that. Thelma reasonably well for 5-8 mos until she looses the ability to feel or move her left arm. This is the other part of the surgery the doctors don't tell you about; a majority of this cases fail, or simply don't work at all. Its a winner to them as the patient is still moving.Thelma has further surgery to repair the damages created by this procedure; a much more invasive surgery to remove the vertebrae and replace it with systems and implants. After this procedure Thelma never ever does well and suffers from difficult swallowing, monstrous weight loss, swelling and seizures as a result of respiratory insufficiency. The surgeon denies there is anything wrong and thinks she needs a psyche consult. She continues on in this manner until she looses 45lbs, and she is tall and skinny to start with. The doctors are forced to act, and act they do by looking down her esophagus to find that the curvature of the spine is so grossly distorted it is wearing a hole in her esophagus. The scope used for this procedure adds further injury to the area by completing the damage the misplaced implants started. Her subsequent life is dismantled with infection many surgeries, financial ruin, job loss, miserable pain; and of course, emotional pain as a result of being lied to and watching others who love her loose stability. She eventually recovers a few years down the road. The sad part about this episode isn't the above story. The real fraud, or incompetence, lies in the examination of her records. As they say the devil is in the details.
Her very first MRI revealed 'mild' neuropathy. A surgeon makes the decision to cut and bipasses the common approach of physical therapy, a treatment known to work well in this age group. Even in post he can give valid reasons for his choice. Not so in older individual. The surgeon put her on the operating table in less than three weeks after first seeing her. It was all downhill from there. Now under scrutiny her very first xray, before any surgery, shows a mangled, arthritic cervical spine. The only problem is this film is of a 75 y.o. man. Nancy Drew could figure out the forensics on this. These are the Obama files. Much of this story is not told, but subsequent evidence involves pimps, cops and panderers.
If you pulled this stuff in the U.S. Navy you would only do it once. These people are still doing it, and being paid well. I think we can get much more for the amount we're sinking into health care. Obama should fire the entire system and SOMEHOW control these greedy little incompetent pricks, we can do better than this.
The facts in this case are undisputed, revealing real names and places would create a sercurity problem for me, even more of a problem than already exists.

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