Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Redrum Pathology

The death of his father seemed so miserable that it would simply what Roger felt never seemed to dissipate. Always thinking about it. He couldn't quite figure it out that what had happened to his father was seemingly all neatly put away and it was business as usual. A law suit was filed; and the money decided, but this case revealed something more than a slip of the scalpel. A single fact was that the primary physician was advised to unleash the hardware that was compressing the major cervical spinal cord before the damage occurred. In the chart were several doctors notes accurately outlined the areas of mal hardware, there was also a lack of documentation by Dr Thames. Nerves can rejuvenate even after compression for a certain amount of time; being totally severed is terminal for most nerves. Dr Thames maintained that screw compression wasn't involved and the neurological deficits seen immediately post surgically would clear when the swelling went down. Bill became paralyzed, and the confusing part was that progression was slow and, overall one could assume Thames was correct. Time ultimately demonstrated an incredible path of failure with seemingly no effort towards correction. Legal issues wrangled on for several years, but Thelma, the matriarch, eventually settled out of court but was never the same; so much went towards prior success to fall prey to such an unusual man. The Isaac Thames issue was a mix of everything bad and everything good. With time and investigation the events bent the mind of a normal thinking person. As one William Thurman was not unique, as unique as to its discovery? So along comes another and so on. You become a machine that was broken by a system that continues to damage, and the past just couldn't be undone. Thelma moved on but Roger didn't. Although blood relatives, Rogers' anger grew, and Thelma seemed more comfortable to the point that she resolved to adapting. Thelma was accepting of politics that people with money and power achieved; she herself was the sister of a man doing life in prison that everybody swears was a fraud. Thelma remained active in the church and was frequently assisting others in life. Roger on the other hand had taken a different view. His life was very well maintained through an understanding that playing within the rules simply seems to turn events, at least not in the wrong way. Roger was well aware, particularly at the present that not everybody played by the rules. It was also an understanding that many of these rule breakers were very good at covering just about anything they did, or in some cases what they didn't do. Dr. Isaac Thames was in fact a licensed physician with no sanctions, at least known about. Roger learned the nature of social pathology to which he had taken an interest in. The mystery of it all. Roger felt Dr. Thames was a social pathological personality. That is a category to which a unique set of behaviors become attached to a personality. It would have to be a split personalty. Many are in custody and behind bars. Many are not. The ability for the social pathological personality to deceive others is why these personalities live. Although they do fetch-up in life's works all the time. As Roger felt it, it was fetch-up time. That epic sense came soon after Roger developed new investigative skills as researching court docs. The reality of witnessing the witnesses. Having the time and the ability to do so created the knowledge just exactly where the surgical map to greed would lead to. More importantly, the ability to continue on to additional surgical failures with almost identical failures, was not monitored. The remorse or concern for the victims is non-existent to which that personality brand thrives inside the pathological personality.
Although Roger and his family were originally from the Chicago area, and William his father, died in Chicago, Roger had lived in and around the Boston area for many years. He had planned a life of fishing in retirement as the waters in New England and the Atlantic coast were popular for what he wanted. A fishing life interrupted by the strangest death.
Who truly was a brain surgeon? How well do you really know anybody; perhaps your spouse? Well discovery would show the cracks in the veneer that caused injuries. And more importantly, an unabated avenue of cash. The volume was substantial and profit companies boomed. Without ado it was easy money for some, although getting to that position in life may have been difficult, or who really knows?
Isaac Thames came to United States to study at the university in Illinois in the early 60s. A good time to be a young African student and learning the ways of civil rights. United States was Isaac's living dream, and he dated young women to which everything would fall to in the end.

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